Patient information – mental health services

This section provides more information about our services and how you can access them. Information brochures for family, friends and consumers are available in the entry foyers of each ward and staff can also assist.

We encourage you to be actively involved in all aspects of your health care and invite you to read the Patient First booklet found in ward areas.

Admission to inpatient services

Admission can be arranged by a GP or mental health clinician:

Both the adult and the older inpatient units provide short-term inpatient treatment to people during the acute phase of mental illness.

Inpatient care includes thorough assessment by a multidisciplinary team. This assessment forms the basis for the care provided while the patient is in hospital. A treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the inpatient and their family member or carer – ensuring patients recover as quickly as possible from the acute phase of mental illness.

Consultant Liaison Service

This inpatient service provides mental health assessment and management advice for consumers with:suspected mental health illness, mental health and physical co-morbidities, behavioural problems and deliberate self-harm who are admitted to general medical and surgical wards at Fremantle Hospital. The service is complemented by a dynamic Adult and Older Adult community service.

Assessment and Treatment Team (ATT)

The ATT is the primary point of entry to the Fremantle Hospital Mental Health Service (FHMHS) for people aged between 18 and 65 who reside in the Fremantle Hospital and Health Service (FHHS) catchment area. 

The principal function of the ATT is to triage and provide short term care for clients referred by general practitioners. Referrals can also be received from other sources, including:

  • private psychiatrists
  • WA Police
  • Department of Corrections
  • refuges and other accommodation services
  • drug and alcohol services
  • members of the public, including those who self-present – people who self-present are thoroughly assessed before being treated or referred to other services. 

Community Mental Health teams

Community mental health teams provide multidisciplinary, recovery-focused care in the community to consumers between the ages of 18 to 65, who are suffering from a mental illness and live in the FHHS catchment area. 

FHMHS has 6 adult community teams.

  • The Early Intervention Psychosis (EIP) Service provides assessment, support and intensive case management to consumers who have suffered their first episode of psychosis. It also provides group work for consumers and carers.
  • The Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) manages consumers with multiple complex needs, maintaining them in the community wherever possible. 
  • Melville, Cockburn Central and Fremantle community teams.

Community-based programs

Older Adult Community Mental Health Service – provides services to consumers aged 65 years and over. The service is located at Fremantle Hospital (F Block, Alma Street).

Integrated Therapy Services (ITS) – provides a range of programs for consumers and carers promoting the development of appropriate living, interpersonal, recreation and vocational skills.

Group programs – provide a range of therapeutic group interventions responsive to the needs of mental health consumers and carers.

GP Liaison Service – aims to improve consumer outcomes by enhancing communication and promoting collaboration between GPs and FHMHS. Read more about this service.

Multicultural Mental Health Service – provides specialist mental health intervention, treatment and support, consultancy and liaison to people from culturally and linguistically diverse background.

Community Liaison Team – provides mobile community assessment and support to specific consumer risk groups including:

  • individuals who have complex accommodation requirements
  • individuals with a mental health disability and concomitant substance abuse
  • assisting the consumer in accessing employment, accommodation, financial, socialisation and recreational services.

Residential Unit – Hampton Road Service – provides community-based residential support, for up to four weeks, for adults who are experiencing significant functional deterioration as a result of their deteriorating mental health. It operates as a step-up/step-down service, providing support for people who are at risk of becoming unwell and for people leaving hospital who need more intensive support before returning home.

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