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Fremantle Hospital doctorFremantle Hospital works closely with a range of health professionals including general practitioners, allied health practitioners, nurses and medical professionals to provide excellence in service delivery and care for patients.

GP Liaison

Dr Monica Lacey is Fremantle Hospital’s GP Liaison who can be contacted for non-clinical enquiries and concerns.

The GP Liaison role is focused on promoting clear and relevant communication between the hospital and primary care providers, particularly in the areas of patient referral and discharge. The position also enables the representation of the general practice point of view during the development of hospital and health service policies and processes which affect shared patient care.


Mental Health GP Liaison

Fremantle Hospital Mental Health Service (FHMHS) provides a General Practice (GP) Liaison Service, coordinated by a GP Liaison Nurse. This role promotes communication between GPS and the hospital and help with the collaborative development of protocols for referral, consultation, admission and discharge of adult and older adult mental health patients.

The aim of the liaison service is to improve patient outcomes by enhancing communication and partnerships between GPs and FHMHS.

GP Liaison Nurse
Wednesday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Phone: 9431 3400

Mental health GP liaison clinic

The Fremantle Hospital Mental Health Service (FHMHS) at the Alma Street Centre (ASC) runs a GP Liaison Clinic for adult patients where the GP retains the overall management of each patient. Examples of suitable referrals include medication review, second opinion or diagnostic clarity.

A consultant psychiatrist or senior psychiatric registrar provide full psychiatric assessment and formulate a management plan. Patients are then returned to the care of their GP.

GPs are able to refer to the clinic by completing the standard referral form for FHMHS.

All referrals to the GP liaison clinic must be faxed to ASC triage on 9431 3479. Please do not post referrals.

Practice visits

The FHMHS GP liaison nurse and consultant psychiatrist are able to visit GP practices at lunchtimes to discuss clinical issues. These visits:

  • facilitate the development of effective, sustainable and collaborative ways of working between practitioners and ASC
  • allows GPs a chance to meet the staff as well as providing an opportunity to discuss challenging cases for advice on management.

If you are interested , contact the GP Liaison Nurse on 9431 3400.

Primary, community and acute healthcare referral and management pathways

HealthPathways WA (external site) is a web-based portal with information on referral and management pathways helping clinicians to access appropriate services in the primary, community and acute health care settings in WA for patients.